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Qualified Alumni

Graduates of our Faculty of Engineering are among the highly competent workforce of the engineering sector who have been employed within the first year of their graduation.

Esteemed Academic Staff

The academic staff in the the Faculty of Engineering are well-renowned academicians and scholars who have national and international expertise in the sectoral and academic world.

Wide Resources

Students are not limited to the course descriptions but are also directed and guided to carry out further interdisciplinary research and discover their own fields of interest where they can confidently grow in.

Our Faculty in Numbers

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Engineering has given several succesful graduates with the education received by numbers of esteemed academicians.

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Active Students

*The data has been retrieved from the official governmental website (CBIKO)

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Engineering Departments

A department in the Faculty of Engineering is a pathway to science, technology, producing, making and creating.

Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering Department aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge in the fields of computer science, software, hardware, cyber security, artificial intelligence and data sciences, leading them to grow as highly qualified professionals who are at the forefronts of the industry.

Software Engineering

The Software Engineering Department encompasses areas that are related to programming languages, data structures, algorithms, discrete mathematics and other programming based systems with regard to areas such as cloud computing and internet of things that are vastly prominent in the current day.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department focuses on providing knowledge related to the the design, analysis, manufacturing and maintanence of all mechanical systems. The theoretical knowledge received in the department may be applied in several industries such as mechatronic, robotic and biomechanic industries.

Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering Department concentrates on the optimization and management of machines, materials, energy, knowledge and technology, while also providing expertise in operational research techniques, simulation, information technologies and production planning.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department is a department that is constantly shaped parallel to the scientific and technological developments in the world, educating students to be competent engineers in a wide range of fields from electricity and electronics to communication, automation, energy, signal processing and computing.

Meet The Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Salaheddine Bendak

Dean of Engineering Faculty

Asst. Prof. Zeynep Turgut

Head of Computer Engineering Department

Asst. Prof. Dr. Soner Özgünel

Head of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department

Asst. Prof. Dr. Çağrı Özgün Kibiroğlu

Head of Industrial Engineering Department

Prof. Dr. Temel Savaşkan

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ülviye Hacızade

Head of Software Engineering Department

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  1. Passport (Main pages)
  2. High School Transcript (Translated in English or Turkish)
  3. High School Diploma (Translated in English or Turkish)
  4. TOEFL IBT 72 / PTE 55 (if available)

The Departments in the Faculty of Engineering are full-time four year programs.

All students with a certain academic success can apply for a double major/minor program in after completing their first year of studies in the Faculty of Engineering.