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With the training that they receive, students of the Faculty of Business Administration are easily adapted to the innovative and competitive structure of the business world.


The Faculty of Business Administration is one of the most culturally diverse faculties with a large number of international students from all over the world.


Graduates of the faculty have a wide range of job opportunities to choose from according to their expertise in both public and private sectors.

Our Faculty in Numbers

Since its establishment, the Faculty of Business Administration has given several succesful graduates with the education received by numbers of esteemed academicians.

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Business Administration Departments

Studying in a department in the Faculty of Business Administration will help shape and direct your aspirations.

Public Relations and Advertising

Public Relations and Advertising is a discipline which blends media with advertising in the field of communication sciences, to raise individuals who can effectively use communication technologies and mediums to develop innovative strategies to be applied in firms, organizations and different professional settings.

Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration offers courses in the areas of business, marketing, management and many other commerce related fields, adapting a human-oriented working approach for the current digital era while training the highly innovative managers and entrepreneurs of the near future.

Management Information Systems

The Department of Management Information Systems links computer science and business management in the scope of data science, information systems, software design and computer networks, making students acquire the ability to manage information as qualified individuals who can apply their theoretical knowledge in their professional lives.

Political Science and International Relations

The Department of Political Science and International Relations encompasses fields such as politics, diplomacy, human rights, global thought and international relations that are prominent matters to be handled in government bodies, NGOs and various organs of international organizations by broad-visioned graduates.

International Trade and Business

The Department of International Trade and Business provides students with professional education along with courses in economics, marketing, management and finance, raising students who can operate and manage crossborder trading and business at a national, transnational and global scale.

Tourism Management

The Department of Tourism Management is a multidisciplinary department that gives training focused on tourism and the service industry, to raise individuals who have cultural, international and environmental awarenesses to enhance the tourism, travel and communication experiences globally in the rapidly globalizing world.

Meet The Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Zafer UTLU

Deputy Dean of Business Administration Faculty

Prof. Dr. Zeki Aksan

Head of Public Relations and Advertising Department

Asst. Prof. Şahver Omeraki Çekirdekçi

Head of Business Administration Department

Prof. Dr. Nuray Tezcan

Head of Management information Systems Head

Assoc. Prof. Nur Ündey

Head of Tourism Management Department

Asst. Prof. Eyüp Öz

Head of Political Science and International Relations Department

Asst. Prof. Hasan Parıltı

Head of International Trade & Business Department

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  2. High School Transcript (Translated in English or Turkish)
  3. High School Diploma (Translated in English or Turkish)
  4. TOEFL IBT 72 / PTE 55 (if available)

The Departments in the Faculty of Business Administration are full-time four year programs.

All students with a certain academic success can apply for a double major/minor program in after completing their first year of studies in the Faculty of Business Administration.

As some business departments have compulsory internship in their curriculums, students can also carry out voluntary internships.