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With our various bilateral exchange agreements, students can extend their horizons, step out of their comfort zones and gain international experiences.


In the Arts and Sciences Faculty, students do not get limited to a single field of study and receive multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education.


By exceptionally developing their social skills in their departments, students can easily go beyond themselves and start influencing their surroundings as well as the world around them.

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Since its establishment, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences has given several succesful graduates with the education received by numbers of esteemed academicians.

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Arts & Sciences Departments

Study in an Arts and Sciences department to be able to think critically and creatively while also applying the acquired social skills into your professional and personal life.

American Culture and Literature

The American Culture and Literature department focuses on the history, literature and the socio-cultural characteristics of the American society in depth with their theoretical dimensions in regard, and also offers a wide range of multidisciplinary area-specific courses to enhance professional specialization.

Translation and Interpreting

The Department of Translation and Interpreting provides education in the fields of linguistics, history, translation and culture with the aim of training intercultural communication specialists who can act as bridges between cultures and languages through written and spoken mediums and settings.


The Department of Psychology covers the dynamic discipline of human psychology by focusing on the emotional, mental and behavioral characteristics of the individual and society within the wide spectrum and main frames of educational, social, developmental, industrial, and clinical psychology studies.


As it is known to be the foundation of all sciences, the Department of Mathematics studies the discipline of mathematics as a form of analytical thinking mechanism and offers training that reinforces the analysis, creativity, computational and reasoning skills of the individual.

Turkish Language and Literature

The Department of Turkish Language and Literature is a comprehensive department that approaches the Turkish literature with all of its stages from poetry, prose and novel to short story and folklore, in the light of specific historical and literal movements such as classical, modern and postmodern periods of thought.

Molecular Biology and Genetics

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics studies the interaction between the basic structure and function of the molecules that form a living and research the cellular outcomes of these interactions while raising expert scientists and biologists with the necessary scientific groundwork.

Meet The Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Oya Oğuz

Dean of Arts and Sciences Faculty

Asst. Prof. Çiler Özbayrak

Head of American Culture and Literature Department

Asst. Prof. Sultan Komut

Head of Translation and Interpreting Department

Asst. Prof. Bengisu Nehir Aydın

Head of Psychology Department

Prof. Dr. Emel Bozkaya

Head of Molecular Biology and Genetics Department

Prof. Dr. Ömer Oğuz

Head of Mathematics Department

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Demirel

Head of Turkish Language and Literature Department

What are you looking for?

  1. Passport (Main pages)
  2. High School Transcript (Translated in English or Turkish)
  3. High School Diploma (Translated in English or Turkish)
  4. TOEFL IBT 72 / PTE 55 (if available)

The Departments in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences are full-time four year programs.

All students with a certain academic success can apply for a double major/minor program in after completing their first year of studies in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences.