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13th September '24

Haliç University in Numbers...

12 Faculties & Schools

120+ Programs

65+ Laboratories

16,000+ Students


Many to choose from

From Engineering to Health Sciences anything you are interested in are offered in Haliç 


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Find out more about the various programs offered at Haliç University which is one of the most diverse universities in Istanbul with a global, innovative and dynamic higher education approach. Find your area of ​​interest and let us inform you with everything you need to know for you to take your place in one of Turkey’s leading universities.

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All in one "5. Levent Campus"

Bachelor's (English)

4 Years

$5.200 / Per Year

Bachelor's (Turkish)

4 Years

$4.800 / Per Year

Vocational Programs

2 Years

$3.500 / Per Year

Medicine (Turkish)

6 Years

$18.000 / Per Year

Medicine (English)

6 Years

$24.000 / Per Year

Master's (Thesis)

2 Years

$7.500 / Per Program

Master's (Non - Thesis)

1.5 Years

$6.000 / Per Program

Clinical Psychology (Thesis)

2 Years

$12.000 / Per Program


4 Years

$12.500 / Per Program

English Preparatory School

1 Year

$4.500 / Per Year

Turkish Preparatory School

1 Year

$2.000 / Per Year